Trojan Whores – a new play by and about women – 29th April to 25th May

Written by Dawn Rose, Sally Wilden, Peppy Barlow
With Pauline Dent as Helen, Jo Somervell as Penelope and Dawn Rose as Klytemnestra
Directed by Sally Wilden from the original production directed by Cathy Gill for The Pulse Festival 2007
Woven Theatre Company In association with The Courtyard Theatre Hoxton

Three women stereotyped by history – Helen the whore, Penelope the faithful wife, Klytemnestra the harridan – meet on an island where they come to escape their pasts. But will they change their fates?

An extraordinary exploration of myth and gender, still hot to touch in a modern world

Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world and the cause of the Trojan War, is a bag lady living on an island where she has come to escape the ghosts of her past. A place where no one looks at her, no one judges her, no one tells her what to do. Then Penelope arrives looking for her husband who has still not returned from the war. She begins tidying the place up, civilising it, making it a place fit for a hero to come home to, a sort of colonisation by house keeping. They are close to coming to blows when Klytemestra bursts onto the scene, still in thrall to the moment when she killed her husband. The two women watch in awe as she re-enacts the drowning.

Helen and Klytemnestra are sisters, and there is a long history of sibling rivalry. Penelope’s husband was Helen’s suitor before he married her. Penelope is enraged with and fascinated by Helen and finds something awe inspiring and arousing in Klytemenstra’s murderous passion. Alliances shift and change as they explore their deepest fears, their deepest longings.

Despite the historical references this is a very contemporary play which challenges perceptions of identity and power. It is about women and men and what it is to take on the roles we are given and change them.

WOVEN was set up in 2003 and is dedicated to developing new writing with a particular interest in women writers. Previous productions include Grasping at Shadows, Missing and Broken. WOVEN has been in receipt of generous Arts Council funding and support from the Peggy Ramsay Foundation.

Tuesday 29th April to Sunday 25th May 7.30pm – no Monday performances
Tickets: £16 and £12 conc. from / 0870 163 0717 &

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