Christian Group Sues Google For Refusing Anti-Abortion Ad

Internet giant Google has been slapped with a lawsuit by a British Christian group that claimed the company refused to display the group’s advertisement whenever the word “abortion” was searched.

The Christian Institute charged Wednesday that Google refused to accept an ad that stated “UK abortion law: Key views and news on abortion law from The Christian Institute.“.

Google said it refused the ad because it did not dabble in abortion issues related to religious beliefs.

Members of the group responded that the company has displayed ads about other controversial matters, and that to refuse to display the Christian group’s ad was an act of discrimination.

“Google is happy top allow adverts for non-religious sites with views on abortion,” said the group, that according to the Daily Mail also accused Google of having a “warped value system,” as it displayed ads of “pornography and instruments of torture.”

In its defense, Google explained that it did not carry abortion ads of a political nature. The company does accept ads for abortion clinics and secular sites that deal with the abortion issue,

“Google policy does not permit the advertisement of websites that contain abortion and religion-related content,” said a spokesman. “We only allow ads that have factual information about abortion…We recognize that this is a very emotive subject that people have strong views on both sides. Google takes no view on this issue one way or the other as a company.”

According to Fox News, Google shows an ad for a website called, which is aimed to provide counseling for girls considering abortions.


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