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Many thanks to everyone who has taken part in our survey “A Women’s Agenda for the Local Elections May 2008” but …

… if you only voted on the opening question about funding women’s core services and did NOT go to the end of the survey and click on “submit survey” your opinions will not be included.

So please can you find the time to go back to the survey and make sure that you click through to the last page and click on the button to submit your survey.

And for anyone who hasn’t yet taken the survey please add your opinions not only about funding women’s core services but also about the issues that are important to you in your local area.

Survey closes tomorrow – Tuesday 29th at 4pm – many thanks.

To take the survey or validate your earlier answers go to

Many thanks!
Women in London


Scarborough Women’s Group has its inaugural meeting at the Friends Meeting House in Woodlands Drive today 28th April at 7.30pm.

The group is open to all women who are interested in feminism and plans to hold debates, lectures, film evenings and trips as well as to campaign on feminist issues and raise money for Women’s Aid.


Scarborough Friends Meeting House, Quaker Close, Woodlands Drive, Scarborough YO12 5QZ / (01723) 362756