Red Light 2010 – Say No To Trafficking And Sexual Exploitation Of Women And Girls in Botswana

We are focusing our attention on the 2010 World Cup that will be held in South Africa; so take a stand and join us in the anti- trafficking campaign. The Red Light is a call to action, we challenge all the citizens of the world to act against human trafficking; to stand together and reject the exploitation of women and girls. Women are not for sale, women’s right to freedom and right to life must be respected by all. End violence against women and enjoy 2010.

Facts about human trafficking:

What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking refers to transportation of persons for forced labour, sexual exploitation or other illicit activities from one place to the other. This is modern day slavery where victims are coerced, defrauded or forced into sexual exploitation or labour. In most instances poor countries mainly pose as source or transit points, while developed nations serve as destinations for victims of trafficking.

Is Botswana affected by human trafficking?

The geographical location of this country provides a strategic position for her to serve as both a source and transit point. In fact we have had a case where 18 bodies of Zimbabwean nationals were found dumped by the roadside in Tlokweng village just before the Botswana-South African border gate. One of the truck drivers was allegedly arrested in connection with transporting the deceased from their country and abandoning their bodies after they suffocated in his unventilated truck. In this case it is evident that Botswana was used as a transit point between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

People are coerced into trafficking in various ways. In most cases, false promises are made regarding modelling, job opportunities or marriages in foreign countries. In fact advertisements come out of our local newspapers to lure unsuspecting young women and girls into false job offers abroad. Extreme poverty, political unrest, perceived higher standards of life elsewhere are some of the ‘push and pull’ factors perceived to be perpetuating trafficking.

Impact of human trafficking

Human Trafficking may have serious implications on human rights as well as national security. It often takes its toll on its victims who are mostly women and children. Trafficking typically involves ‘force, fraud or coercion’ which may entail physical and psychological abuse. People are often emotionally traumatised when they find themselves in unintended practices of prostitution or pornography. This is a human rights issue because people are deprived of their freedom. Most of these sad stories go unreported and therefore undocumented. Human trafficking also threatens the safety and security of the nations it affects.

Kick out human trafficking – kick out the spread of AIDS

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