Gaza rescue teams find 100 Palestinian bodies under Gaza rubbles

The Palestinian medical rescue teams found on Sunday bodies of 100 Palestinians killed during the last three weeks of the Israeli military air and ground offensive on the Gaza Strip, said Gaza emergency chief Mo’aweya Hassanein.

Hassanein told reporters that the bodies were found under the rubbles of destroyed houses, mainly in southern, eastern and northern Gaza City and in northern Gaza Strip towns of Jabalia and Beit Lahia.

The death toll since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza in Dec. 27, has mounted to more than 1300 people killed and over than 5500 wounded, almost half of them were civilians, he said.

According to him, among the dead people, there are 418 children, 110 women, 120 men above 50 years old, 16 paramedics, four journalists, and five foreigners.

Hours after Israeli declared a unilateral cessation of fire, several Palestinian families returned back to their homes they fled during the Israeli military strikes and shelling, said witnesses in Gaza.

They added that hundreds went out to check the destruction caused by Israeli airstrikes and tanks shelling that targeted thousands of houses all over the Gaza Strip, while other people went to visit their wounded relatives in hospitals.

Official estimations of destruction in the Gaza Strip caused by the Israeli army forces said that 4000 houses were completely destroyed, while 20 thousand other houses were either badly or partially damaged.

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