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Feminist Collective takes aim at male-centered politics
“We don’t like to admit it,” says my interlocutor, “but Lebanon is a deeply prejudiced society. It is racist, sexist and classist.” In response to the intolerant environment in which they found themselves, Nadine, an American University of Beirut graduate who is currently studying for a master’s in philosophy, and a group of friends started to think about how they could begin to address some of these issues. Their efforts resulted in the establishment this January of the Feminist Collective, the first group of its kind in Lebanon. Continues at

Venezuela Has A Woman’s Face
Venezuela is a beautiful land with 26 million habitants, around 49.6% of which are women, half the population. Looking at the situation of these women we see the highest rate of teen pregnancy in Latin America and the Caribbean, where 100% of women have suffered gender violence, whether its expression be psychological, physical, or above all cultural, and who have given up to a fateful rise in the number of deaths thus caused. Around 5 women are killed weekly in gender related violence. Continues at

The government war on women’s rights in Nicaragua
Feminists stand up against anti-abortion crusade and Daniel Ortega’s rightward turn. On Nov. 25, 2008, police blocked 400 women’s rights activists from marching in Managua’s annual commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This shocking action came at the behest of Daniel Ortega, former revolutionary leader and current Nicaraguan president, in a bid to silence opponents of his harsh anti-abortion policies. Instead, a hastily called procession led by powerful “first lady” Rosario Murillo expressed support for Ortega’s FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front) government. The halting of the feminist protest is just the latest in a series of attacks that reflect the FSLN’s rightward swing. As ever, a group’s political direction can be gauged by its attitude toward women. See

Gloria Steinem interview
It’ll take two terms of a Barack Obama presidency to undo all the bad-will created by the Bush administration says Gloria Steinem a feminist writer and peace activist. Continues at

Activist Angela Davis Challenges Penitentiary System
Civil rights activist and advocate for gender equality Angela Davis presented her views on women’s rights and the ineffectiveness of the prison system at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in downtown Atlanta last month. Davis, whose speech was the keynote address of Emory’s Women’s History Month, inspired the international “Free Angela Davis” campaign when a shotgun registered in her name implicated her as an accomplice in the kidnapping and killing of a judge. She was imprisoned in 1970 and later tried and acquitted of all charges in 1972. Continues at


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