Thai Women’s groups condemn media for intimate pics of woman politician

Many prominent women have condemned several media outlets for publishing intimate photos of a female politician without her consent.

Many people are said to be able to identify the politician even though the published photos conceal her eyes and those of her man.

Assoc Prof Sodsri Phao-inchan, the dean of Chiang Mai University’s Mass Communications Faculty, said yesterday: “I can’t accept such news reports. Whether the person in the photos is a celebrity or an ordinary woman, the media should have never published them.

“By publishing the photos and reporting such a story, the media shows they lack ethics,” the famous academic said.

Sodsri said the media should dedicate their attention to economic and social problems. “There are many better ways to investigate politicians,” she said.

Sodsri called on the Thai Journalists Association and other media professional groups to help stop such news reports, which she described as “a serious violation of media ethics”.

Former senator Tuenjai Deetes, who has long fought for women’s rights, said the story and photos published about the female politician hurt both her human dignity and rights.

“This is a form of violence against women. She’s hurt emotionally,” Tuenjai said.

The former senator suggested the female politician should defend her rights by suing the offending media and those involved.

“She can file defamation suits. She can also lodge a complaint under the Protection of Victims of Violence Act.”

Tuenjai said political and women’s rights groups should also discuss ways on how to protect female politicians.

“When women climb to the top, some people will want to hurt these women,” she said.


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