The Body Of Women: Female Image In Italian Television

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The documentary by Lorella Zanardo and Mark Malfa Chindemi shocks the Italian public

How are the Italian women of today? What are their peculiarities? What are their needs? These are not easy questions to answer, especially if one refers to the questionable model conveyed by television and the Italian culture.

Talk shows, reality and advertising today provide an image of femininity that defined as “shocking” would be only a pale euphemism: the female body is presented as a mere object of desire of men and women reduced to a simple “frame”, decorative presence in a universe seems not to give any figures, only ridicule and humiliate her mercilessly.

This set the basis for the documentary “The body of women”, screened on Thursday 28 May at the House of Culture in Milan. Achieved only at the beginning of this year, the video has already received a huge visibility and widespread consensus, thanks to web publishing and the ‘simple’ mouth.

Through a series of sequences, taken from television broadcasts, the authors Lorella Zanardo and Mark Malfa Chindemi, have produced a sharp deterioration in the reflection on national television and on the exploitation and the showing of the female body that seems to spread, now without brakes on the networks locally. Perfect bodies at all costs, sinuses and lips modified by cosmetic surgery, the pursuit of an ideal of perpetual youth, which makes women’s grotesque faces out of time and devoid of any uniqueness.

Accompanied by the voice of the Lorella Zanardo, alternating between the personal dismay and indignation at the quotes from famous authors such as Pasolini and Galimberti, the documentary strikes the viewer as “a bucket of ice water” as required to state ‘s Head of Culture Daniela Benelli, who spoke at the screening.

The evening, organized by Arcaduemila, hosted more than the already mentioned Benelli Alderman, the author Lorella Zanardo, director Rai Egidio Bertazzoni, Gabriella Gilli, Professor of Psychology at the Catholic University of Milan and Anna Di Dato, psychoanalyst of VIOLA which have expanded during the debate that followed, the insights provided by the documentary, reflecting on his unexpected success, a clear symptom of the emergence of a common discomfort.

And it is perhaps precisely this purpose and the merit of “The body of women.” The documentary is due to the frenetic editing by Cesare Cantù, surely makes it clear that every day there instead flows imperceptibly before our eyes, launching an appeal due to a growing awareness by all Italians.

To watch the video:
* The Body of Women – “the dictatorship of the perfect body” – with English subtitles
* Original video – Italian –

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