The Women’s Information Network-Fiji (WINET-Fiji) believes in informing and mobilising the women population of Fiji

Its president Dr Rajni Chand believes that not enough information is being provided to women in our communities.

Dr Chand says that not many academic women were actively involved in non government organisations and there was a need for it to happen.

WINET-Fiji liaises with other organisations and women’s groups to fill in the vacuum by networking and providing information and skills.

“Information women in Fiji need to know more about their health, wealth, well-being, rights and the environment.

“WINET-Fiji conducts workshops such as the suicide prevention and awareness workshop in Suva in March for the Ministry of Health. We contacted women’s organisations to provide us with at least two members and invited resource persons,” said Dr Chand.

WINET-Fiji started in 2001 to network and disseminate information to women. Members are from all walks of life.

“I found that members of the public or small women’s groups want to be trained but do not know who to contact or how to obtain information,” said Dr Chand.

WINET-Fiji will continue with its mission to disseminate information to one and all especially women.


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