More Women judges and magistrates to be recruited under AJP in Pakistan

More women judges in the subordinate judiciary and women magistrates will be recruited under Access to Justice Programme (AJP) as a step to control domestic violence in the country. According to sources, the government has also decided to recruit more women police officials and women prosecutors besides women judges and women magistrates aimed at achieving results in controlling domestic violence in the country.

The government is also introducing gender sensitive syllabus and curriculum revision in police training schools, colleges and the National Police Academy.

According to a data regarding incidents of domestic violence, during the year 2008, total number of Acid Burning cases stood at 21 with 10 cases of stove burning.

Nine cases of Wanni were registered and the total number of domestic violence 2182 cases were registered which includes three categories of murder, beating and others.

A number of steps have been taken to curb crime of domestic violence including enactment of Anti Harassment Law which will go along way to eliminate discriminate on workplace for women.

The government has also taken several other steps including mandatory judicial enquiries by District and Sessions Judges into cases of rape.

It may be mentioned here that a huge allocation has been made in the budget-2009-10 for women in development, education, health, social and welfare sectors, etc.


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