IN Australia NSW Rape Crisis Centre calls double in three years

Calls from rape and sexual assault victims seeking help and counselling from a NSW crisis centre have more than doubled in three years.

The State Government will now provide an extra $616,000 to expand the NSW Rape Crisis Centre after calls jumped from 2927 in 2004/05 to 6730 in 2008/09.

It provides 24-hour, seven days a week crisis intervention, counselling, information, referral and support for adult and child victims of sexual assault and their supporters.

“Sexual assault is an extremely distressing crime against women and it is important victims get the appropriate support and professional counselling services they need to help rebuild their lives after such a traumatic experience,’’ Health Minister John Della Bosca said.

The funding will help to expand the service which will now will be able to provide services for adult survivors of child sexual assault.

Details: 1800 424 017 or visit

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