Queensland pro-choice supporters declare they will intensify campaign against Cairns abortion charges

Pro-choice supporters are outraged that a young couple in Cairns are facing trial under the state’s anti-abortion laws. The Pro-Choice Action Collective has declared that it will intensify its campaign to demand the Bligh government intervene in the case to have the charges dropped.

Pro-Choice Action Collective activist, Kathy Newnam stated “this young couple should never have been charged because the anti-abortion laws should not exist. Abortion should not be a crime. Women have the right to control their own bodies.

“The QLD government has tried to distract attention from the case. Anna Bligh has claimed the charges were brought because of the way that the abortion allegedly took place. This is untrue, as has been demonstrated by the nature of the prosecution’s case against the couple.

“The fact is that under the anti-abortion laws, any woman who has had an abortion and anyone who assisted her could potentially face the same situation.

“The anti-abortion laws are rotten. They are designed to control women and dictate what they can do with their bodies.

“This young couple have been targeted by the police as a test case.

“The widespread support for abortion rights has meant that it’s been 24 years since there has been a prosecution under these laws.

“Over 80% of people support a woman’s right to choose abortion. We are determined to mobilise this support to force the government to intervene in this case.

“The charges must be dropped. Furthermore, no-one should ever again have to go through the trauma that the young couple in Cairns are facing right now. The anti-abortion laws must be repealed immediately”.


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