Art Does Not Excuse Rape: Polanski Must Face Justice – sign the petition

In response to the petition advocating the release of Roman Polanski, who was arrested in Switzerland after fleeing US justice for over 30 years despite pleading guilty in court to the rape of a thirteen-year-old girl in 1978, we, the undersigned, express our:
– support for the authorities involved in efforts to make Polanski finally face justice for this crime in the United States of America,
– condemnation of the “Petition for Roman Polanski” and its signatories, who have sought to use the admiration they receive from fans around the world to somehow minimize a crime of rape,
– belief that all lives be valued and that crimes against a child not be ignored because the perpetrator of those crimes is an admittedly significant artist,
– frustration with those in the public eye who have questioned whether “no means no” and whether “rape is rape” in regard to this or any rape case,
– sincere apologies to the victim of Polanski’s crime for any part this petition has in prolonging her suffering because of his actions.

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