Women’s groups concerned over Canadian immigration’s caregivers bill

Some immigrant women’s advocates are concerned that legislation, drafted by Canadian immigration authorities earlier this year, may be detrimental for some females wanting to move to Canada.

Bill C-45 would give Canadian visa officers the right to reject visa applications from live-in caregivers if they have any reason to suspect they will be exploited or mistreated by their employer.

Although the legislation is designed to protect female immigrants, Cecilia Diocson from the National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada is one of many immigrant women advocates who believe the bill could do more harm than good.

She claimed that the new bill will actually act as a barrier to women who want to work in Canada in the care industry. She claimed the bill gives the visa officer, “the power to refuse entry if he thinks or she thinks the person is not desirable to come.”

However, Jason Kenney, the Canadian immigration minister, says the bill would not be used as a barrier to stop people moving to Canada. He claims it will only be used, “in really extraordinary circumstances where a caregiver may go into an abusive situation.”

Kenney added that further legislation to protect immigrant caregivers is on its way.



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