Spain adopts measures to provide protection for battered women in domestic violence

The justice minister, Francisco Camaño, managed today, despite opposition from the European Commission, supported by a sufficient majority of Member States to adopt the European order of protection for battered women, one of the priorities of the Spanish presidency. His goal now is to conclude in the coming weeks the details of the new standard and reach a political agreement in June, which must be ratified by the Parliament.

In a tense press conference after the meeting of ministers of the EU, a spokesperson said “Some people are ready to advance as quickly as possible instruments for the protection of victims,” the Justice Minister claimed to justify the urgency in passing the European arrest warrant.

“I disagree to the position of commissioner,” said Caamano, who stressed that the Spanish proposal has a “large majority” backup. And the EU executive vice president replied that the “vast majority” of States “has problems” with the initiative of Spain. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” said Reding.

The level of engagement was such that, when after the press conference Caamano tried to say goodbye, Reding was not even looking at him and only after a second attempt took his hand. The aim of the Spanish proposal is that any security measure taken by a Member State to protect a threatened person, a restraining order for an abuser, will also run automatically in another EU country to which the victim has moved.


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