Alliance of NGOs on Women’s Rights in Liberia

The Alliance of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working with the vulnerable population has directed its concern to the direction of women’s rights in the country.

The Alliance is also in the vanguard of advocating the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) and has also focused its attention on how women can be motivated to play key roles in the forthcoming 2011 general and presidential elections.

The Alliance Secretary General, Daniel B. Wehyee, told participants at the opening of a recent four-day workshop on “women empowerment, an action worth taking” that its new strategy is how to incorporate human rights as a basic component for PLWHA.

According to Wehyee, women are the most vulnerable, and therefore serious attention needs to be placed on them through their empowerment.

“In the advent of 2011, if women are not trained and empowered, the desired result will not be attained in terms of democracy; allowing women the space to exercise their rights democratically,” he observed.

Wehyee called on the government and its partners to empower women generally as well as those with HIV and AIDS.

Patricia Wayon, a trainer of the Alliance, said owing to lack of knowledge, people fail to understand how to treat people living with HIV and AIDS.

She pointed out that in order to curtail infringement on the rights of women, issues of stigmatization and discrimination need to be tackled.

The six-month project, which gave birth to the four-day workshop held at the conference room of the Liberia Women Empowerment Network in Congo Town, was initiated some four months ago by the Alliance in collaboration with Women Won’t Wait Coalition. It was sponsored by ActionAid Liberia.

Participants included members of civil society, representatives from the disabled community as well as the security sector.


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